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Good art work brings continuity, function, and beauty to a living or working space, whether it’s a 1000-square-foot loft or a rambling country estate. A typical project includes these services:


Meet the artist

Ivo Koytchev's work is celebrated and enjoyed among the most prestigious residences of well known celebrities and politicians as well as prominent buildings in Washington DC, including the surrounding areas and other states. 

Ivo Koytchev is available for private consultations to discuss your specific needs.       By appointment only

Large Murals, Interior murals, Trompe L'oeil, Venetian plaster, Ornamental plaster, Faux, Marble, Wood gaining, Gilding, Glazing, Stenciling, Portraits, Conservation and Restoration of historic decorative finishes.  Samples are provided to help clients visualize the artwork and work out of the details before full scale projects are undertaken

We Offer


The Southwester 2002, Dupont Circle News 2003, New York Times 2003, Washington Post 2004, Falls Church News Press 2005,Washington Post 2007, Washington Post 2014, Washingtonian 2014

  • Design planning
  • Finish & material selection
  • End-to-end project management

Ivo Koytchev is a Bulgarian born artist that moved to the US to practice the arts in 1989. Classically trained he holds a Masters in Fine Arts degree from the renowned Nickolay Pavlovich Art Academy in Sofia. He brings his talents to the DC and surrounding area with his expertise in both Interior and Exterior murals, Trompe L'oeils, Public Illustartions, Restourations, Decorative painting, Vinetian plaster, Illustartions, Fresco, Faux Bois, Faux marble, Lithography, Gilding and Portraits.